Gift her the Beauty of Studs


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At times one sees strange feelings rising out of nowhere, especially when he is struck by the LOVE at first sight? Now when one faces such circumstances then what is the best way to express? Let us help you regarding this confusing stage of life, buy her “Tanzanite Studs”, the only preferred style to express the purest feelings at one’s heart. If you find someone special for your life, let Tanzanite Studs shimmer on her ears gazing through curls of her hairs.

Tanzanite StudsWhen you feel so special for the one you admire most but fail to convey, then let gleaming Tanzanite Studs do that for you. It’s how you express elite choice of yours & the sophistication your eyes find in her beauty. Time for letting her know what you feel for her, it’s the precious moment when you experience something special for a girl and decide to tell her, do it with rarest ever gem on planet; i.e. Tanzanite.

It’s always asked why to gift Studs as a first gift? It’s very logical, gifting a Ring directly emphasize towards the marriage which is very mature decision & a necklace gifting, do resemble the stylish approach of yours, whereas gifting Studs on first occasion depicts how much you like her with a simplified expression of respect. Flow with Tanzanite’s adoring beauty, ease out the Stud gifting. It’s flawless as your true feelings are & so finely crafted as your vision is. As an old proverb says, it is never too late for a good cause, Tanzanite’s stylish gleam will surely convey your expressions to her.

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How We Can Impress Our Loved One With A Jewelry Gift


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Heart Citrine Birthstone Ring in Silver

All you men out there, this is your time to shine! If you did something you weren’t supposed and you don’t know how to fix it, you can always resort to the perfect pair of diamond studs or a tanzanite ring to make it all okay; well most of the time at least. Ladies, don’t think you can’t do the same – boys like their bling too.

The right piece of jewelry can say much more than even words, and if you tweak the earring or pendant to personalize it and capture a moment which you both once shared then nothing like it!

If your anniversary is right around the corner or if you’re loved one’s birthday is soon to come and you don’t know what to get her then the perfect jewel can make all the difference. Everybody likes that extra sparkle and color in their lives so all you need to do is dig a little deep, do some research and pick up on every hint thrown your way to get the perfect gift to impress her and swipe her off her feet.


So broadly you have the categories of earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and subtle necklaces for ladies and (unfortunately) only watches and cuff links for men – unless he’s the kind you likes his rings and studs as well!

Rings still stand at the absolute top of this graph. Its immaculate inherent meaning of eternity and new beginnings combined with a meaningful stone and an engraving inside the band can literally never go wrong!

Personalizing an earring or a necklace is hard, so if your girl dresses simple and likes the kind of thing she can wear often then go for a simple single or double chained link choker with small carat gems set in. It is delicate yet stunning and it’ll show her that you know her best!

Earrings are easy too – just look through her collection and see what she likes more, studs, drops or chandeliers. Once you have that sorted all you need to do is choose a stone, which is where you can add just the right amount of meaning. Birthstonesare a universally proven favorite, but if you want to take it a step further then you can go through a few crystal meaning and select just the right one.

Tanzanite has made an immense impact the jewel market lately, so a tanzanite pendant, tanzanite ring or tanzanite earring is tailor-made for any occasion. Its flexibility makes it go just right with both casual and formal outfits and its exquisite color is unmatched.Tanzanite Pendant


Pendants and charm bracelets are the ideal for all the hopeless romantics out there. Just a buy a simple single link chain and you can put on it engraved disks, tiny shaped pendants of things she loves, moon phase engravings commemorating a special day and even rough gems with meaning which hold a singular place in your hearts!

Every girl wears certain jewels more than others, so if your loved one happens to be a ring-person or usually adorns only earrings then make sure that’s what you get her.


Types of Tanzanite Color


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Tanzanite is a gem which is famous primarily because of its color – the more concentrated and saturated the stone the more its value increases.Let us look at the tanzanite color chart to get a better idea of how this stone is graded and evaluated.

Saturation and tone are the two most important aspects of tanzanite color. Answering the question ‘what color is tanzanite’ is not exactly easy as a great range exists, but the more essential question is what the color of a tanzanite should be.

According to the tanzanite color scale, the stones color being deep or shallow in terms of its crystalline composition is a measure of its saturation. The blue-purple hue should fill into the gem and each of its planes, making the color dense but still allowing light to enter and refract.

color of tanzanite The degree to which the stone is dark or light is the tanzanites stone. While the saturation impacts only the color, the tone also effects the shine and sparkle. Be careful when you choose tone and saturation as often jewelers low saturation stones in such a way that they refract less light and hence appear darker. This darkness greatly reduces sparkle not to mention the gems value.

There are various systems to judge tanzanite color, and a stone simply described as a ‘blue tanzanite’ is not good enough when you are assessing its value.

Tanzanite Color Gemstone

The first is the GIA’s scale, starting from A grade tanzanites all the way to AAA+, A being the lowest grade while AAA+ is the highest and most valuable – only 1% of tanzanites mined worldwide are of this quality.

A grade tanzanites are a light and restrainedshade of blue, saturation and tone both being extremely low. These stones sometimes resemble colored fashion diamonds, which have a pale tint. They are of very low value.

AA grade tanzanites are slightly higher in tone and saturation but still are on the lighter side of the tanzanite color chart.Like A grade, these also have a slight grey overtone which dulls the color and shine further.

AAA grade tanzanite is the one with high value and these are the ones you should be looking for while investing. These are a dark violet with very high saturation and a medium tone which doesn’t overshadow the color or the sparkle. Trichroic properties also now come into play with the stone displaying tinges or purple and red-purples depending on light. These are much rarer and sell at close to $1000 per carat.

AAA+ grade tanzanite are absolutely perfect stones, with no inclusions and an ideal balance between the gems saturation and tone. Neither overshadows the other and if faceted well then the stone refracts light beautifully. The availability of this grade is near impossible, so if you happen to come across one then investing in it would be a great idea. Not only is the stone beautiful but it also has a great price appreciation as tanzanite mines are depleting steadily.

tanzanite rings

Another color grade system is the VB chart, ranging from VB3 to VB6. While VB3 is light and subtle VB6 is a strong violet-blue.

Jewelry Collection Starts With Quality Earrings


Enhancements represent your visual sense it reveals how aesthetically one thinks about herself. The way one wants to depict is well done with help of classy jewelry. One can delight her looks with best gem of the century sparkling through her ears, like no one around her can deliberately flaunt with Mauve beauty of this era. It’s time to initiate jewelry buying with tantalizing Tanzanite’s wide range of Earrings.Fotor1209105639

Portrayal of one’s characteristic is with the appearance one remarks through combination of jewels & outfits. What actually matters is how confidently you carry your glamour & reflect your glance. To mark an impressive contour in party does mean a lot these days, try out all new range of sparkling blue beauty crafted in Earrings. Imagine those stylish moments when lilac gem gleaming through ears reflecting brightly peeping through hairs, alluring people around. The praises & charming accolade one receives is really an amazing experience. Be amongst cherished ones who know the admiration values.

Reflection of your classy looks & real artistic sense of Quality selection actually leads you to become an eminent personality in crew of ordinary. Remain exclusive with stylish range of Mauve gem Earrings which signifies your determination for real ornament wearing. Don’t let yourself lose to ordinary choices but try to explore something special, it’s time to become gorgeous. Shine with elegant Tanzanite Earrings & be an astonishing surprise for your loved ones.


Tanzanite stud Earrings – Modish way to show you love


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Tanzanite is one of the very few gemstones which are not beauticious but also but rare as well. These days Tanzanite Stud Earrings with White Gold is very popular amongst the teenagers in US. If you are looking to gift something precious on your daughter’s birthday, present this jewelry to put smile on her face. It is best suited as earrings because of the reason that it is not that strong when it is calculated on the basis of Mohs. Tanzanite can be easily cracked. When it is used as earring it won’t interact with any tangible things and will be long lasting.

When the eternal beauty of Tanzanite is studded with amazing quality of White Gold, it will not only look out of the world but also make you stand different in the crowd. If we go deeply we will see that many of teenage love stories start with the pure ambience of Tanzanite. No matter how much you love your girl but if you will not do something different or won’t gift her something very special she will always have a doubt in her mind. So kill the doubt by gifting her outstanding Tanzanite Jewelry. Flaunt your love to her with the pureness of this precious gemstone to make her believe that you are the one who can love her most. This represent that your love for her is rare like Tanzanite and can be find only at one place across the globe which is your heart.

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Wear Tanzanite Stud Earrings for good reason


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Fashion has become popular, now everyone wants to flaunt his/her fashion skills. For ladies it is very important to look good from others that’s why most of girls and ladies are die-hard fashion followers. Piercing is the oldest way of body modification. To look beautiful ladies wear earrings and other accessories are all time favorite trends. Accessories make them look different and glamorous if well suited to their outfits. Today jewelry work as an add-on to their overall look.

We can definitely check that online about the increase in the transaction of Precious jewelry. Jewelry is required from daily use to the family celebrations, from not so special day to the very special and important days. That is the reason why the sale of Diamond, gold, Silver, Platinum is increasing and so their prices are. But now days one more element has been added to this list. Tanzanite, a true value for the money, it has become very popular after the release of eternal love story Titanic. In the movie Kate Winslet flaunt the real beauty of Tanzanite pendant. Now in America most of the Teen age girls prefers Tanzanite Stud Earrings with White Gold over other precious stones. It is newly discovered stone and became popular after the movie. Many celebrities such as Penelope Cruz are tanzanite lover.

Celebrities with Tanzanite Stud Earrings



Wearing Tanzanite has become fashion now days. Everyone from teen age girl to world famous celebrities is preferring tanzanite over other precious stones. It is one of the rarest gemstones ever and can only be mined at one place in the whole earth. The Tanzanite was named by Tiffany and co. after the country of its origin. This stone is a member of Zoisite family. This stone is not so strong and can be cracked easily that’s why most of my female friends prefer to buy Tanzanite Stud Earrings over the rings. Remember Lilly Collin the star of the hit show twilight donning wore a pair of stunning Tanzanite earrings at the Oscars. Even the host of “Good Morning America” Robin Roberts showed her interest in Tanzanite by wearing it at the Oscars.

Now days Tanzanite white and yellow gold stud Earrings are comparatively more popular amongst the teen age girls in USA. This stone is not only rare but also very unique as well. Its violet hues are simply amazing that is the reason why it has become preferred stone in Shows like Oscars. Celebrities such as Penelope Cruz are true tanzanite lover and she can be seen wearing tanzanite many times. Due to the popularity its demand is increasing every day, after 2003, the price for tanzanite has been tripled. According to the experts, due to this continuous increase of demand and higher consumption the mines of tanzanite will be left empty within next 20-30 years.

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Fashionable Stud Earrings


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Modern women are coming out of the barrier and playing an important role in developing the world. Now they are working in every type of sector.  All the women love to dress well and use perfect accessories which reflect their beauty. If your lady loves to accessorize then it may not be really surprising if she owns then by dozens.

Stud earrings will never go out of style. They are classic and even men have started to wear studs now days. These are most popular earrings these days due to the fact that is can be worn at work or at party no matter what the occasion is. Tanzanite Stud Earrings are much talked about earrings because of its unique and incomparable features. Its favored violet to blue hue adds more appeal to the women’s glamour.

A woman look more eye catching if she use accessory in a proper way. The best part of selecting stud earrings is that is suits any kind of attire. When it comes to choose studs for yourself the only problem you will be going to face is that what cut you need to choose. If you are a men and buying it for your girl then I would advise you to get the biggest you can afford, but don’t go broke. If you are rich and wealthy then you can go for more precious stones with costly metals. It is the kind of Jewelry that speaks out the gorgeousness and true meaning of grace.

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